How to Restore Faded Plastic Motorcycle Fenders (For free)

in this video I will show you how to bring plastic fenders back to their bright color with only a few household or Hardware items I’ve already started on the front fender after years and years of sun exposure this is what it looked like and I’ve started working on this side it’s not finished yet but this is a project where with just a little bit of effort you can make a big improvement of the look whether you want to get the fender to its factory shine or not is up to you that requires a lot of time to make your fender look a lot better than it does now all you need is a common razor blade or a box cutter to make it look almost new again you need the box cutter a clean cloth alcohol or any other cleaner that won’t leave a residue water will work if there’s no alcohol available and you’ll also need a heat gun let’s get started the first thing you need to do to restore a faded plastic motorcycle fender is to remove the old faded material from the top of the fender to get down to  r6 fairings
the fresher more colorful plastic underneath we do this with a sharp razor blade or box cutter just start anywhere on the fender and scrape like this we want to scrape with the blade tilted toward the direction of movement we don’t want to cut this way we want to scrape keep the blade either vertical or close to vertical with just a little tilt toward the direction of your scraping and you’ll be able to get down to the brighter fresher plastic so it’s a kind of a long process depending on how a defender is just go over the whole area of the fender until it’s completely uniform and cover we just want to shave off all of the dusty flaky material [Laughter] try to avoid gouging the sharp edge of the blade into the fender as you scrape because then you can make scratches and you’ll be in the same position with the faded plastic you’ll have to try to scrape out the scratches because this method also works as a scratch removal method so just slowly work around the fender some areas are more difficult but if you’re slow and patient the results are worth it in the end you after you’ve removed the faded oxidized layer from the fender you now have a brightly colored fender that probably isn’t very shiny you can leave yamaha r1 fairings
it like this and have a fender that looks much better than it did before or you can take the next step and try to make it look almost new again we’ll start by knocking down any high spots if you’ll notice the blade is flat while the fender is curved so as you scrape it leaves a flat small flat mark on the fender try to minimize these by holding the blade flat and going in the opposite direction of the majority of your strokes look at the fender from different angles and try to knock down any high spots that it may have [Applause] after you’ve removed the high spots wipe  motorcycle fairings   the fender down with alcohol on a clean cloth this removes any impurities after the alcohol is dried turn on your heat gun and start slowly heating the surface of the fender you want to heat evenly because what you’re doing is you’re actually melting the top layer of plastic [Applause] you don’t want to burn through just why he evenly and that’s how you restore a faded motorcycle fender and that’s how you restore a faded motorcycle fender

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